Our story

Haylem is the result of the tireless efforts of founder Francis Haynes, who wants to build a promising future for young people who, like his brother, have a learning disability. The company was founded in July 2008 in the city of Montreal, Canada.

It wasn't until after his brother dropped out of school that the desire to help people with learning disabilities became a real issue for Francis Haynes. Helping people with reading and writing difficulties is one of the company's deepest values. Today, Lexibar technology is used worldwide in French-language schools and in specialized firms that treat written and oral language disorders.

Our clientele consists mainly of parents and educational institutions that care for children, adolescents and adults with learning difficulties. Our users are people of all ages with reading and writing difficulties.

May 2018

Acquisition of the multidisciplinary clinic Un Museau vaut mille Mots in Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada

January 2018

Creation of an online shop for the purchase of licences for individuals in Europe

September 2016

Release of Lexibar LP5

August 2015

Growth of the company. Head office relocation to Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada

November 2014

Release of Lexibar 1.0405

February 2014

Lexibar arrives in Europe

September 2013

Lexibar launch

April 2012

Lexidox launched at the Association Québécoise des trouble de l'apprentissage (AQETA) conference

February 2011

Winner of the Entrepreneurs en action contest!

April 2010

Contribution agreement with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC)

January 2010

Establishment of the head office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

July 2008

Company foundation

A Story from the Heart

Francis Haynes, an engineer who graduated from ÉTS, founded Haylem Technologies in 2008 with the goal of helping young people with learning disabilities. It was the difficulties experienced by his brother who suffers from dyslexia-dysorthographia that motivated him to design better adapted tools. Nearly 10 years after the creation of the company, it is still a source of great pride for the entire team to receive positive testimonials from Lexibar users.

Ten Years of Innovation

In association with Quebec speech-language therapists, Haylem Technologies has invested five years of research and development in the creation of its software, Lexibar. Launched in 2013, the very first version was very well received by schools and professional communities. In June 2017, the company launched the LP5 version of the software, the most powerful to date with its five help functions.

A World of Possibilities

Designed entirely in Quebec, Lexibar is available across Canada and is now distributed in the French-speaking countries in Europe. Present in the majority of Quebec schools, it was also adopted by several professionals in private practice and is appreciated by parents who use it at home. Lexibar is a bilingual software (French-English).

An Incomparable Tool

Lexibar is simple for the students to use and does not require complex configuration. It includes a phonetic word predictor, a spelling word predictor, voice synthesis, illustrations and a spell check. "Without Lexibar, these students would be failing academically, and with greatly diminished self-esteem. Lexibar is the glasses that allow them to achieve whatever they want." - Emma, remedial teacher

Discover Haylem

Watch a short video presentation to learn more about our company and its mission.
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A Multidisciplinary Clinic

We are proud to be able to offer high-quality services in speech-language pathology, occupational therapy and pet therapy through this new division. The clinic Un Museau vaut mille Mots has been established for 8 years now. It stands out for the quality of its services and the integration of small animals, in a zootherapeutic perspective, in all interventions, in speech therapy as well as in occupational therapy. Following this change in administration, the clinic has a lot of new things in store for the residents of Terrebonne (Quebec, Canada) and the surrounding area!

Haylem wishes to explore and engage in various avenues allowing the company to make a real difference in the lives of people with reading and writing difficulties. This one is more than stimulating for the team! This new challenge is an opportunity for us to get more involved and get closer to our customers.

These new activities are perfectly in line with Haylem's mission, by improving our service range and offering the Lexibar team the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and collaborate with professionals who will be able to participate in the development of our technological products.

Our Team

Francis Haynes

CEO and Founder

Francis, the founder of the company, has always wanted to make a difference in the lives of people with reading and writing difficulties. His head is always full of ideas and projects; he wants to continue to develop Lexibar to pursue his mission of helping thousands of people every day.

Rachelle Fénélon

Invoicing Manager

Responsible for managing orders and invoices, she will accompany you to make sure your shopping experience is a pleasant one. A member of the team since its inception, she has always had the growing success of the company at heart. Her gentle and kind presence brightens our days and it is a real pleasure to work with her.

Mélina Patry

Digital Marketing Manager

A woman of all trades, she participates as much in writing blog articles, developing brand image, as in promoting Lexibar on social networks. Dedicated and a good listener, she answers your technical questions and goes off the beaten path to help you and defend the rights of people living with a learning disability.

Hugo Henry-Garon

Software Developer

An expert on Apple products, he is responsible for the development of the famous Mac version. Endowed with an unparalleled logical mind and armed with a lot of patience, he answers the most complex technical questions, gets our printers up and running again and never gives up when faced with technological difficulties.

Jonathan Dubé

Software Developer

As a real Web machine, he is ahead of our needs and offers us solutions that often delight us. In charge of the mobile version that will finally see the light shortly, he works hard, hot chocolate in hand, to deliver all his projects on time despite the requests that accumulate.

Julie Pigeon

Business Development Manager

Passionate and motivated, Julie's mandate is to make Lexibar known throughout the world. Her mission: to allow more and more people, children and adults, to have access to reading and writing every day despite their challenges. Her sparkling eyes and her energy push us to see further. You may have the chance to meet her at our next events!

Gisèle Maramuke Ntakwindja

Administrative Assistant

Helpful and mindful, Gisèle offers the entire team precious help and indispensable support, both administratively and in customer service. She answers your questions, advises you and directs you to the right resources. Her cheerfulness and contagious smile motivate us to stay positive!

Karine Haynes

Director, Un Museau vaut Mille Mots Clinic

Committed to providing the highest quality services, she is convinced that her team of dedicated professionals is able to offer the best assistance for the clinic's target clientele. As the mother of three boys, one of whom has language disorders, she knows exactly what parents in the same situation go through.

Our Expertise

Haylem is first and foremost engineering and technological innovation for people with reading and writing difficulties. Our expertise is in software development specialized in the field of written language, which mainly targets the education sector. We continually collaborate with professionals in the field with the aim of developing a tool that best meets their needs and especially those of their clientele. What motivates us is to offer a tool of very high quality, simple and easy to use, with help functions that can be adapted according to the user's needs and that are accessible to the youngest learners as well as the most experienced.

Haylem also means a strong sense of customer service, a lot of listening and a dedicated team to answer your questions and offer you all the help you may need while using our tools. A great understanding of the issues surrounding learning disabilities allows us to treat our customers with the utmost respect, always with the mission of offering people with difficulties the opportunity to deploy their potential and succeed at the same level as others.

With the acquisition of the clinic Un Museau vaut mille Mots, which offers services in speech therapy, language stimulation, occupational therapy and zootherapy, Haylem wishes to develop a clinical expertise in parallel with its technological expertise. For us, the two components go hand in hand and we already help many professionals in the field to help their patients, so the opportunity to acquire a clinical environment appeared as the possibility to go even further in our desire to help. In addition to offering us a window on the real world of clinical interventions using our technology, the clinic allows us to surpass ourselves, to get closer to our clientele and to become even more involved in the field of language disorders and other related problems.