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  • Partnerships and license loans
  • 3 free functions
  • Multi-device licenses
  • Haylem management console


We offer partnership agreements to educational institutions and clinics. These agreements allow all of the specialized stakeholders working there to use the software free of charge, with all of its help functions, as long as they need it in their interventions. We have already established agreements with hundreds of educational institutions.

The goal is to build a lasting and winning relationship for our respective organizations. On the one hand, this partnership allows you to give an excellent way to your specialized stakeholders to improve their interventions with customers, and on the other hand, it allows our company to discover the full potential of Lexibar.

License loans

A license loan makes it possible to really test the software, with all its help functions, with people to whom it could be beneficial, before purchasing it.

These loans are spread over a defined period of time according to the needs of the responsible parties. The license loans makes it possible to target the needs, to see the real potential of the tool and to check, before making purchases, if it is really adapted to the establishment's customer base. The process is simple and fast and it is a way to demonstrate all the help it can give to the people who use it.

5 Help Functions

1 Goal: Your Success!

The phonetic prediction

Explanatory video


The orthographic prediction

Explanatory video


The text to speech

Explanatory video


The spell check

Explanatory video


3 FREE help functions

At all times, for everyone

Deploy Lexibar on all your computers and use it free of charge for all of your customers, without obligation:

  1. The orthographic prediction
  2. The text to speech
  3. The spell check

When you purchase licenses, easily activate the computers requiring the 5 help functions to add the phonetic prediction and the illustrations.

5 help functions to access success Free License
The spell check
The text to speech
The orthographic prediction
The phonetic prediction 30 days
Illustrations 30 days

Choosing Lexibar means offering the best chance of success.

Individual license

Electronic OEM licence allowing activation on 2 devices. Following your purchase, you will receive, within 5 business days, an email with your association code and a link to download the software.

229 $ (USD)

Multi-device license

This licence makes it easier to manage computer resources. You can choose to activate Lexibar locally on each workstation included in your multi-device’s license, or deploy over a network.

The multi-device license gives you the ability to add more devices as your needs grow. Purchases are cumulative, and the more devices you add to your license, the more you save.

The multi-device licenses require a minimum purchase of 5 devices per order.

Haylem management console

Allows you to easily identify which computers the licenses are instaled on, to see the number of remaining activations, to deactivate licenses to reactivate them on other computers, etc.

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Our trainings



Training for all

Online training of 60 min. duration live with a Lexibar trainer.

You can ask all your questions live!

The dates and times of the training sessions are predetermined, you only have to register on the date that suits you best. Places are limited.

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Private and personalized

You are a group of people who wish to follow a webinar training together, according to your availability?

We will be happy to organize a private webinar for you that suits your schedule.

Contact us now to organize your training!

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